Illinois Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Provider Guide

Families you serve may be eligible for 3 months of Child Care Assistance.

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As of March 28, parents and providers can electronically submit their CCAP paperwork through our New Document Submission Portals! This convenient service is available 24/7. 

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Overview of Eligibility

Encourage clients to apply for Initial Activity Search (IAS).

When can parents/guardians apply?

Through June 30, 2024, parents/guardians can request child care assistance for a 3-month Initial Activity Search (IAS) period to establish an eligible employment or education/training activity. They must meet all other CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) eligibility requirements.

How long will parents/guardians receive assistance?

If parents/guardians become employed or enroll in an educational activity before the end of the 3 months and meet all other CCAP eligibility requirements, their eligibility will continue for the remaining 9 months of the initial 12-month eligibility period.

What do parents/guardians need to apply?

Parents/guardians need to submit documentation showing they are working or enrolled in school to extend their initial 3-month eligibility period.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CCAP

No supporting documentation is needed.

Parents/guardians need to write on the application that they are looking for work or preparing to enroll in school.

Parents/guardians are eligible for assistance 5 days every week.

Coverage for non-school aged children not enrolled in school: 5 Full-Time days.

Coverage for school-aged Child: 5 Part-Time days from September through May. Full Time days during the summer months.

Parents/guardians are eligible for one Initial Activity Search during a 12-month period.

Yes, parents/guardians must report an activity after being approved for Initial Activity Search to continue for the remaining 9 months of the initial 12-month eligibility period.

Parents/guardians must report an activity after the initial 3-month approval to be eligible for the remaining 9 months of the initial 12-month eligibility period.

Parents/guardians can find copayment information by visiting:

Parent/Guardians Copayment Information

Parent/Guardians Copayment Information (Spanish)

Parents/guardians can check their payment status by visiting our DHS information page

Parents/guardians can find solutions by visiting our IDHS Information page

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