Funding Opportunities

Discover funding opportunities available to you and early childhood professionals in Chicago and across the state of Illinois.

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Explore Funding Opportunities for Early Childhood Professionals

Illinois Action for Children (IAFC) is dedicated to supporting child care providers and educators in accessing funds and elevating the standard of education and care for young children. Securing funding for professional development is essential yet challenging. Fortunately, there are multiple funding sources available for early childhood professionals. IAFC is your partner in accessing funds across various categories, including:

Quality improvement funds

Funding For Your Child Care Program

The Quality Improvement (QI) Funds are available to assist and support child care programs that are choosing to achieve a Circle of Quality above the required Licensing level.

Discover support and resources to assist your child care program. Learn more about eligibility requirements, the application process, and program expectations.

Learn more about Quality Improvement Funds

Quality Improvement Cohort

Learn more about Quality Improvement Cohort.

Training Stipends

Learn more about Training Stipends.

Accreditation Assistance

Learn more about Accreditation Assistance

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