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Individual Professional Development Funds

Receive funding assistance for professional development trainings

Professional development is key to staying current with best practices, enhancing skills, and providing high-quality care and education to young children. By investing in professional development, providers can deepen their knowledge, expand their capabilities, and advance their careers in the early childhood education sector. Illinois Action for Children (IAFC) offers individual professional development funds to assist early childhood providers and educators in accessing training opportunities.

The final date to submit an application is June 3, 2024.

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Mid adult female African American preschool teacher helps a preschool student with math. The little girl is using an abacus.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be employed by a license or license-exempt program
  • Must be a current member of the Gateways to Opportunity Registry
  • Must be employed by a program that is listed on the Child Care Resources & Referral (CRR&R) agency
  • Must be employed by a program providing child care in Cook County, Illinois. Programs outside of Cook County must contact the Illinois Network of Resource and Referral Agencies (INCCRA) at 866.697.8278 or online to find your local CCR&R agency.
  • Must be employed by a program with no unpaid financial obligations to the CRR&R agency or the IDHS-DEC.

How to Apply:

The final date to submit an application is June 3, 2024.

  1. Read the Individual Professional Funds Guidelines
  2. Complete the Individual Professional Funds Application
  3. Gather required documents detailed in the guidelines above
  4. Submit application and supporting documentation below:

Submit Your Application

The CCR&R will notify you in writing if your application has been approved or denied.

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