Quality Specialists

Our Quality Specialists are here to help you navigate Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and ExceleRate Illinois.

Quality Specialists assist licensed centers and homes in improving the quality of their services and meet the ExceleRate Circle of Quality standards. Quality Specialists work one-on-one with Illinois programs and providers to offer training, consultation, on-site or visual visits, and resources.

Illinois Action for Children’s Quality Specialists are free to you through our partnership with the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Contact Terese Quarino at 773-769-8017 or via email at for more information.

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Our Quality Specialists provide:

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Assistance understanding and using the Program Administration Scales (PAS) and Business Administration Scale (BAS). Support includes coaching with directors, teachers, and providers.

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Information and resources on best practices in early care and education.

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Application process guidance for providers and programs.

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Information on preparing for an Environmental Rating Scale Assessment.

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Assistance to providers as they develop and implement Quality Improvement Plans (CQIPs).

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Documentation review for the Program Administration Scale.

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Documentation review for the Business Administration Scale.

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Mentoring and support through role-playing and modeling best practices with various interaction scenarios.

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Tailored services to meet your program’s specific needs and goals.

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