Partner Plan Act

Advancing the early childhood system through collaboration.

Early childhood care and education professionals can strengthen and improve early childhood services and systems in your community using a community systems development approach. Partner Plan Act is a central resource for early childhood care and education professionals to learn more about how to expand, deepen, or build new local early childhood collaborations in your community.

What is Community Systems Development?

It is challenging to make impactful and long-lasting change alone. Addressing the barriers that prevent families from accessing early childhood services requires a strong and effective collaboration of families, organizations, agencies, schools, and community leaders. A high-quality, accessible early childhood system becomes achievable when agencies, organizations, and communities come together to develop a shared mission, strategy, and action plan.

When we work together to identify the issues, the root causes, and the solutions, we are better equipped to create impactful and meaningful change in the early childhood system. This collaborative process is called community systems development.

Learn more about Community Systems Statewide Support

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Find Resources for Local Early Childhood Collaborations

Visit the Partner Plan Act website to learn more about community systems development and the support available to early childhood collaborations in Illinois including on-demand consultation, resources, and toolkits.

Visit the Partner Plan Act website


We can make a greater impact by working together as a collaboration.


We can create meaningful and lasting change by identifying the issues, root causes, and solutions.


We can transform systems by developing a shared mission, strategy, and action plan.