When Families and Communities are Strong, All Futures are Bright

Our programs are making a difference throughout Chicagoland.

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“Strong Families, Powerful Communities” has Been the Foundation of Our Efforts from the Day We Were Founded

Today, Illinois Action for Children (IAFC) continues to invest in our communities with innovative programs designed to erase barriers and provide children and their families with the support they need to build brighter futures. We invite you to learn more about how IAFC is making a difference.

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Community Parenting Support Saturation Project

As the lead organization for CPSS, Illinois Action for Children (IAFC) partners with early childhood providers and collaborations in select communities and provides them with technical assistance and coaching to achieve their goals and vision of saturation.

We provide communities with the resources and expertise in community systems development to enhance their ability in uplifting and empowering families in their community to support their child’s growth and learning.

Learn more about Community Parenting Support Saturation Project

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