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Our collection of policy guides designed to inform, educate, and empower.

Illinois Action for Children advocates for policies that benefit Illinois’ children, families, providers, and educators. Our policy guides are a resource for policymakers and decision makers to make informed decisions and develop policies and solutions that center the needs and experiences of children, families, and the early childhood workforce.

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All Children, All Families Policy Agenda

A proactive and aggressive policy agenda to advance child care and early education in Illinois. The Sylvia Cotton Center for Research and Policy Innovation created the All Children, All Families agenda to guide our pursuit of racial, gender, and economic equity for child care and early education programs throughout Illinois.

Strengthening the Early Childhood Workforce in Illinois

Early childhood educators and college students shared their experiences in higher education and the obstacles they face to complete their degrees. From their responses, we identified themes and challenges to inform the development of the five critical questions to guide policy development. We recommend that the field consider and adopt these questions when developing advocacy efforts and analyzing policies to ensure equity and center the experiences of the workforce.