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There are many joys of parenting. However, for many parents it can be challenging to pay for quality and convenient childcare. Illinois Action for Children’s Customer Service staff are available to help you learn if you qualify for assistance and to guide you through the eligibility process.

1. Check the Status of Your Case

You can check the status of your case with your 15-digit CCMS ID number

2. CCAP Forms

You can request forms:

  1. Online
  2. By Phone
  3. Download a Child Care Application Form

3. Schedule a Consultation

CCAP Appointments are available to help parents and providers. Appointments are scheduled in 30 Minute increments.

  1. Schedule a phone appointment
    As a safety precaution, our in-person offices remain closed to the public. As we all find ways to adjust to our current environment, Illinois Action for Children can provide you with assistance.

 4. Child Care Payment Updates

Childcare providers can check on the status of their payments with several different options:

  1. Check Payment status by calling 800.804.3833
  2. Provider who enters payments via IDHS IVR can call 800.787.9316
  3. Visit the Illinois Comptroller Website

5. Determine if You Qualify with Childcare Eligibility Calculator

The Illinois Child Care Assistance Program makes it possible for families who qualify to receive financial assistance in paying for childcare. Parents must meet the State of Illinois’ income and family size guidelines. Please note: This is only an estimate of your family’s eligibility and co-payment.

6. Child Care Referrals

Quality childcare can be hard to find. Our experienced Parent Consultants can help. We assist families with accessing and paying for childcare that would otherwise be incredibly difficult, or impossible to afford.  

7. Changes to CCAP Policy

See recent updates to CCAP Policy.

8. Health and Safety Trainings

To ensure the health and safety of children, providers who receive CCAP funds must complete specific child development, health, and safety trainings, and have a current CPR/First Aid certification to continue receiving CCAP funds.

9. Contact Us

Phone: 312.823.1100  
Fax: 312.823.1200

Dropboxes are available at all locations!