All for Nutrition and Nutrition for ALL!

Access to Proper Nutrition has Lasting Positive Effects!

Our providers share some of the positive ways the impact healthy food has had in the lives of the children they care for.

“Serving healthy and nutritious food has changed the physical appearance of the children. Introducing vegetables and fruits with every meal increases their energy and metabolism. I had a 120 lb. 6-year-old in my care over the summer. His parents were so impressed with his increase of veggie and fruit intake over the summer.” Upon returning to school and getting a new physical he was 9 lbs. lighter.”
– Diana A. from Englewood

“The children in my care are well-behaved and learning each day because of the healthy choices I have made with them. They are more of team players and they love to help out during meal time.”
– Felicia H.

“Serving healthy and nutritious food to the children in my care has impacted their health and well-being by providing more fiber, grain, and overall well-balanced meals. The children are not hyper, tired or restless throughout the day. They are more attentive and alert, The children are also willing to taste and try more varieties in meals.”
– Denise G. from West Humboldt Park.

Your Support Brings Access to Nutrition to Illinois’ Most Vulnerable Children!