Weekly News: ECE and More – 5.19.21

May 19, 2021

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» Child Care, Early Development Industries Hit by Pandemic (WTTW Chicago Tonight)

IAFC President and CEO April Janney joins the discussion on WTTW Chicago Tonight to discuss child care, the pandemic, and much more.

» The Case For Universal Pre-K Just Got Stronger (NPR Planet Money)

NPR’s Planet Money podcast examines new research that shows once again, in even more clear detail, the benefit of Pre-K for child development.

» Child Care at Core of Women’s Slow Post-Pandemic Return to Work (ABC News)

Good Morning America examines the challenges facing working mothers in the United States when it comes to find and affording child care.

» Here’s Who Will Benefit from the Expanded Child Tax Credit (Marketplace.org)

Marketplace looks at the critically-important expansion of the expanded Child Tax credit and the role it will play in combating child poverty in the U.S.

» As COVID Restrictions Ease, Staff Shortages Mean Child Care Options Remain Limited (WGLT)

WGLT radio explores the staffing challenges facing Illinois child care programs.

» Detroit Has Showed What ‘Build Back Better’ Can Look Like (Bloomberg CityLab)

As the U.S. looks to recover from the pandemic, Detroit could serve as an example to rebuild.