Weekly News: ECE and More – 4.14.21

April 13, 2021

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» IL Advocates Rally Around Early Ed Bill That Would Create More Bachelor’s Programs (Chalkbeat)

In this story, Chalkbeat examines a bill in the IL legislature that would address the state’s teacher shortage and degree equity issues for the ECE workforce.

» Universal Child Care Could Boost Women’s Lifetime Earnings by $130 Billion (CNBC.com)

In this CNBC.com article, the take a look at the concept of universal child care, how it can be achieved, and the impact it would have on women in the U.S. 

» Break Cycles of Poverty and Grow Family Prosperity by Investing in Families (Morning Consult)

Morning Consult examines the critical need to finally break cycles of generational poverty and grow generational wealth by investing in families.

» Babies and Toddlers Are Feeling the COVID-19 Pandemic Stress, Too (Marketplace)

Marketplace takes a look at how the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on the well-being of babies and toddlers.

» President Biden Seeks Important Funding Increases for ECE Programs in FY2022 (First 5 Years)

In this article, First 5 Years takes a look at the critically-important funding increases to ECE programs that President Biden is proposing for FY2022.

» How Data Can Be Used to Create Racial Equity in the United States (Bloomberg CityLab)

Bloomberg CityLab looks at how data can be used in a positive way to impact how states and cities are organized in way that promotes and benefits racial equity.