Weekly News: ECE and More – 3.31.21

March 30, 2021

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» Child Care Is A Public Good. Our Government Should Start Treating It That Way (WBUR)

In this commentary, WBUR Public Radio argues that including child care in any infrastructure bill is a necessary public good that cannot wait.

» The Precarious State of Child Care in the United State of America (Vox)

In this article, Vox looks at the challenges facing child care providers and what they need right now to survive the pandemic.

» Pandemic Raising Concerns for Kindergarten Readiness (WCIA TV)

This Springfield, IL newscast looks at the impact of COVID-19 on early care and education, and how that is impacting kindergarten-readiness.

» Volunteers Help Chicago Residents Without Internet Connect To Vaccines (WBEZ)

Chicago Public Radio examines the challenges of getting the COVID-19 vaccine if you do not have the internet, and the people who are helping.

» The Stimulus Package is a Huge Win for Working Parents—and an Opportunity (Ms. Magazine)

Ms. Magazine takes a deep dive into the American Rescue Plan Act and the opportunity it presents to reimagine America’s child care system.

» A Tax Code That Leaves Black Americans Behind  (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Bloomberg profiles Dorothy Brown, who has spent her career as a law professor documenting racism in a tax system that’s supposed to be colorblind.