Weekly News: ECE and More – 3.24.21

March 23, 2021

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» White House Prepares Massive Infrastructure Bill with Universal Pre-K, More (Washington Post)

In this article, the Washington Post details a potential infrastructure bill that could include Universal Pre-K and more provisions impacting children and families.

» CDC Eases Distancing Guidelines in Classrooms, Saying 3 Feet Often OK (Chalkbeat)

In this article, Chalkbeat looks at the new CDC guidance on distancing in classrooms and how it will affect school reopenings in the United States.

» Illinois Launches Pilot Program to Improve Child Care in Rural Communities (WSIL TV)

WSIL TV takes a look at a new pilot program from the IL GOECD that aims to increase and improve quality child care in rural communities. 

» Why the U.S. Is Rethinking Its Approach to Child Poverty (PBS Newshour)

PBS Newshour examines how the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred new methods of addressing poverty, and how this impacts children and families.

» Where Have All the Kindergartners in America Gone? (Hechinger Report)


Hechinger Report examines the patchwork methods of schooling in the last year and how they have impacted preschool enrollment in America.

» Asian-American Groups Grapple With Police Response to Violence (CityLab)

CityLab looks at the recent attacks against Asian-Americans and tackles the complex question of how to best protect vulnerable communities from violence.