Weekly News: ECE and More – 3.17.21

March 16, 2021

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» Commission To Call For Overhaul Of ECE Funding (Peoria Public Radio)

In this article, Peoria Public Radio explores the work of the Illinois Early Childhood Funding Commission and what their findings may bring.

» New CDC Guidance for Operating Child Care Programs During COVID-19 (First 5 Years)

In this article, First 5 Years looks at the latest CDC guidelines on child care and how this will impact providers, families, and children.

» American Rescue Plan Act Will Help Millions and Bolster the Economy (CBPP)

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities takes a deep dive into all the ways that the American Rescue Plan Act will impact children, families, and the economy.

» What the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package Means for Working Moms (Working Mother)

Working Mother blog takes a laser-focused look at the provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act that will affect the lives of working mothers.

» “Returning” From Maternity Leave During the Pandemic (Axios)


Axios examines the shift back to work for new mothers who have given birth during the pandemic.

» Many Juvenile Jails Are Now Almost Entirely Filled with Young People of Color (Marshall Project)

The Marshall Project investigates the disparity in the juvenile jail population during the COVID-19 pandemic.