John Bouman

June 17, 2020

Remembering Maria Whelan

I shared some thoughts on Facebook and Twitter last week, but who knows if those end up in the right places — in this case, Maria’s family. I just want to say what a wonderful ride it always was with Maria, this perfect combination of knowledge, experience, strategic sense, passion and fun. I always remember the fun. She was ferocious, too, and did not hesitate to put herself out there in demonstrations, lobbying, causes, and things that are right. She leaves a big footprint. You can see where she’s been, the difference she’s made. Millions of kids and parents and providers and workers have better access, better quality, better conditions, better lives and chances in their lives tracable to Maria’s work and the work of people she hired, inspired, cajoled, scared the poop out of, convinced and collaborated with. And defeated sometimes, bless her. I wish you tons of family solidarity, wonderful warm memories, and peace and comfort.