How COVID-19 is Forcing the U.S. to Face its Child Care Crisis (WBEZ Chicago Public Radio)

December 4, 2020

Illinois Action for Children on Chicago Public Radio. Listen now. Child care and COVID-19. Guests include Teresa Ramos from IAFC, the Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy

WBEZ Chicago Public Radio’s Reset program covered the COVID-19 impact on providers & families on their December 3 episode. The segment featured Teresa Ramos, IAFCs VP of Public Policy & Advocacy, and Patricia Twymon, owner of Wee Are the World Home Daycare, in conversation w/ Susie An.

Our segment of the story begins at the 8:20 mark of the segment (it is preceded by an interview with an economist speaking about the toll COVID is taking on children and families).

You can listen here.

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