Finding Child Care

Let us help you find reliable and quality child care. Someone you trust. Someone who gives your child the loving attention you would give.

Experienced Parent Consultants are available to provide a free, customized list of child care referrals. Contact them at or by calling 312.823.1100 and pressing option 3.

If you would like for a Parent Consultant to contact you directly to assist with your child care search, please click here.

Understanding Your Options

Do you know the difference between a Licensed and License-Exempt Child Care Center? What about in-home care? What’s right for you depends on what your family needs. Our First Steps Brochure explains the advantages of each option.

What to Ask

Not sure what questions to ask when choosing a provider? Our Child Care Tips and Checklists identify characteristics of quality child care that you should look for. We recommend visiting several programs before you decide.