Illinois Parent Survey

Winter 2023 Survey

Explore our findings, parents quotes, and community profiles from the Winter 2023 survey of the Illinois Parent Survey.


Winter 2023 Survey

We asked parents open-ended questions about what quality time looks like in their family, what factors interfere with family quality time, what types of community spaces they visit, what challenges they faced in accessing child care, and whether they have access to affordable healthy foods.

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Results & Findings

Based on the Winter 2023 Survey, we found that parents greatly value quality time with their families. They also experience many challenges to quality time with the biggest challenge being work responsibilities and difficulties. Furthermore, household income plays an important role in determining where parents live, if their living situation has access to basic needs, and how much time it takes to acquire those basic needs.

Time in an invaluable resource for families. To support families, time spent with their children should be prioritized and their various time constraints should be taken into consideration.

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