Illinois Parent Survey

Fall 2023 Survey

Explore our findings, parent quotes, and community profiles from the Fall 2023 survey of the Illinois Parent Survey.


Fall 2023 Survey

We asked parents open-ended questions about what their biggest challenges and concerns are, what is helping them the most, what makes them proud of their child, what are their hopes for their child, and what they want policymakers and elected officials to know.

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Results and Findings

Based on the Fall 2024 Survey, we found that parents are extremely proud of the many positive strengths of their children and have many hopes for them to live happy, healthy, successful lives. Yet many parents are also experiencing a spectrum of financial difficulties, their biggest challenges being the rising cost of living and inflation. These have an impact far beyond providing for their family’s basic needs and are associated with parents’ and children’s emotional challenges.

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Community Voices Profile

Our latest research delves into the everyday experiences of parents, shedding light on the joys and challenges they face. This comprehensive profile offers a summary of key findings from the Fall 2023 Survey.

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