“With the assistance of Illinois Action for Children... my family became more self sufficient.” — Darnice

Paying for Child Care

The Illinois Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) makes it possible for families who qualify to receive financial assistance in paying for child care. Parents must be engaged in a qualifying activity such as work and/or school to be eligible. Parents must also meet income and family size guidelines that have been set according to 162 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

Getting Started:

  1. Determine your gross monthly income based on all sources of income.
  2. Use the chart or the Eligibility Calculator in the sidebar on the right to determine if you may be eligible to apply.
  3. Identify your child care provider. (see the Finding Child Care page)
  4. Download and print the Child Care Application and all other required documents. (see the CCAP Forms page)
  5. Read all documents in their entirety prior to completing and submitting your application.
  6. Make sure that you and your provider sign the application.
  7. Submit your completed application via mail, fax, drop box, or walk-in.
  8. Allow ten business days from the day of receipt for your application to be reviewed.

Eligibility as of November 9, 2015

Family Size

Eligible Monthly Gross Income (Before Taxes)


$0 - $2,151


$0 - $2,713


$0 - $3,274


$0 - $3,836


$0 - $4,397


$0 - $4,959


$0 - $5,521


$0 - $6,082


$0 - $6,644

In order to expedite processing of your application it is important that you read all documents in detail. It is also important that you submit a complete application that includes the required supporting documentation. If you need assistance in completing the application or other documents please contact our office for help. To download CCAP forms and other information, please see the CCAP Forms page.

*Please note that state authorized databases will be used to clarify information submitted to our offices. These databases include, but are not limited to, TANF, Child Support Enforcement, Wage Verification, birth records, Social Security Administration, employment security, Department of Labor, and Chicago Public Schools.

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