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Our resource page is a comprehensive guide for families seeking affordable child care through CCAP. Here, you’ll find valuable information, support, and resources to help you navigate the application process and the program.

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Child care can be costly. The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) can help you pay for it!

CCAP Application Guide

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) in Illinois provides families with financial assistance to cover child care costs.

Eligibility for CCAP depends on your family size and gross income. Fill out the eligibility calculator to see if you qualify for child care financial assistance. 

Fill out the necessary CCAP forms and gather required documentation.

Parents and providers can electronically submit their CCAP paperwork through our New Document Submission Portals! This convenient service is available 24/7. Parents and providers can also submit their paperwork at one of our drop boxes located outside every location.

Submit CCAP Paperwork (For Parents)

Submit CCAP Paperwork (For Providers)

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Need Help Finding Child Care Near You?

We are here to help you find affordable and high-quality child care in your neighborhood. Our experienced Parent Consultants simplify the process for you by recommending affordable child care fit for your family’s needs.
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Have Questions? Get Answers.

We are here to help! If you have any questions regarding your CCAP case, please reach out:




This email is only for case inquiries and general questions. We are not accepting any paperwork through this email. To help us effectively assist you with questions, please give us the case name, child care case number, and contact information.

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